The Juliet Balcony

Aptly and perhaps romantically named after the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, the Juliet balcony is a stylish kind of balcony suited to modern urban life. Also known as a balconet or balconette, these balconies are commonly seen on smaller windows. They can range from 1280mm wide to 3200mm, they are often sleek and designed to allow people to have an inward opening window with a small standing area.

A type of false balcony, the Juliet balcony was originally made of steel or iron although glass balconets are becoming much more common today. Steel is a simpler more traditional kind of balconet whilst glass ones are modern and have more options for customization. Regardless of type and make, these balconies require minimal structural changes to a building for installation and as such are significantly cheaper than a full balcony. 

A steel balconet is easier for a manufacturer to create and also easier to install, steel is often a cheaper option than glass for this reason. However, a glass juliet balcony is normally not much more expensive than steel. Over time provided the glass isn’t accidentally shattered, a glass balconet will cost less in maintenance whereas steel ones require regular repainting. Control over the type of glass and handrail that the glass option can come with is also an edge it has over the steel equivalent. 

The glass balconet has begun to supplant the steel one. Less maintenance, ease of installation, compliant with building regulations, easier to clean than steel with technology even allowing for self-cleaning glass now! Whether you want traditional steel patterns or modern glass looks there is a balconet to suit your needs. If you’ve ever wanted a balcony but were concerned about the cost, it’s now easier than ever to have a cost-efficient and stylish balcony installed where ever you live.